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REVV Running Club Starts April 25th

by Garrett Walkup –

I have the great job of opening REVV doors weekdays at 5am, (although Joe and Bob come in around 4:50). I flick on the lights, pick the music, and most importantly make sure the Keurig is on. I have truly enjoyed getting to meet so many of you faithful early risers who work-out before heading off to work or wherever the day takes you. Shout out to many of our Boehringer corporate members who show up at that time and smile back so early in the morning!

One thing I have heard repeatedly now that REVV is open, “seeing all the ‘regulars’ come back is like a family reunion.” So many of you have said this!

We have many different reasons for joining a gym, from taking classes, to specialized equipment, but I don’t think that is enough. I think the real reason we join gyms is community.

REVV has become a place for you to make connections and have a shared experience. Sweaty hugs are the best hugs. We want to support those connections in as many ways possible. Which is why we are introducing the REVV Running Club.

I have been a middle-of-the-pack long distance runner for a few years now. Out on a quiet road or trail is a great place for me to be alone, think, and challenge myself. But whenever I run with someone else it is so much of a richer, sweeter experience.  The miles go by faster and I don’t think about the aches or fatigue when I am with someone. When we get to share something we love with someone else, it helps us love it more.

Plus it’s a scientific fact that beer tastes better after a run when you can ‘cheers’ with someone.

Beginning April 25th and every Thursday evening after that at 6:30pm anybody who wants to meet in the REVV parking lot and go for a run is welcome to join me. Each week we will go between 3-5 miles. Check our app and social media if the weather looks lousy.

The REVV Running Club is open to members and non-members, so please invite others to join us.

Who knows, maybe down the road we can all sign up for a race together, or go on longer training runs. But for now, I’ll be in the REVV parking lot Thursday evenings starting April 25th going for a run. Wanna join me?

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